Occasional Black screen

Hello fellow community members,

I am having issues with my Framework 13 with a 13th Gen Intel Core (i5). I am currently running Windows 11.

The issue is that my screen keeps turning off and going black at random times, sometimes frequently, sometimes infrequently. The computer is unresponsive during that time and no pressing of keys or clicking of the mouse does anything. If I close the laptop top and reopen it again the screen miraculously turns on again but frequently and almost immediately (in the span of 5-10 seconds) goes black again and is unresponsive. The computer is quite new (I got it in the June batch (batch 3) 2023) and I have had no other problems so far. I would appreciate any help or fix for this issue.



Are you having any magnets on you or nearby that could trigger the lid sensor and make the laptop think that is should start to go to sleep mode?

There were some similar reports from people who wore magnetic rings or who put magnetic items near or onto the laptop.

Something magnetic near the lid sensor produces that behavior.

I’ve had my computer on top of other computers and shifted it around and such things occurred.

My Lenovo has magnets in the speakers and I shifted the FW around on it and the display went off…

Not that I know of. I’m not wearing anything magnetic and as far as I’m aware of and I don’t carry and have not interacted with anything magnetic near the computer. It seems like a good explanation as it would describe exactly the type of issue going on here but I don’t have any idea where the magnetism would be coming from. Is it possible it’s internal (inside the display?).

Thanks for the quick response and help.

The display contains magnets and the body of the laptop contains a sensor (I’m not sure about the exact location, probably somewhere along the side or front border). So assuming the display is sufficiently open, the laptop should only turn the screen off when you put something magnetic on or near the laptop body. Again, this could be a magnet on a keychain or a ring, a speaker, or a magnetic surface. Or if you place the laptop on the display lid of another closed laptop.

In any case, you could isolate the issue by putting the laptop on a wooden desk or whatever and make sure nothing metallic is nearby and see if the issue still occurs.

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Will do. If the problem occurs again, I’ll make sure to check environment to see if there is any magnets. Thanks @Jonathan_Haas and @Edward_Gray for the help! I really appreciate it!

Hello framework community,

I am having a similar issue with my Framework 13 with ADM Ryzen 7040 Series (batch 3) running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

So my screen is turning off few seconds and going black then goes back to normal. It seems to happen more often, maybe every 3,4 minutes. I noticed that when i close the laptop, most of the time it doesn’t go to the login page (the screen remains on).

I don’t have any magnets or rings but I placed it on a wooden table with the same result. I received it last week and the issue appears directly.

What can I do to fix this issue ?



I am having a similar issue with my Framework 13 with ADM Ryzen 7040 Series (batch 3) running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Have you tried switching back from Wayland to X.org ?

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Yes, I had the same problem on a Ryzen 7640 Framework 13, and switching from Wayland to X fixed it.

I have the same issue in Windows 11. Laptop is tented in a stand most of the time but does same thing when used as laptop. Every 5 -10 minutes screen goes black but keyboard still works since it accepts inputs while black.