Laptop keeps waking up

I’m on windows 11 and am connected to a Dell P2723QE monitor via USB-C, which is also powering the laptop.

When the laptop goes to sleep, it will lock the screen and turn off the monitor, which also goes into standby mode.

However, the monitor randomly wakes back up and turns on for a little, then goes back to sleep, and will repeat that cycle at random intervals.

Anyone know how I can debug what’s going on or know a fix to help keep the monitor off while the laptop is sleeping?

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I keep getting random wakeups too, but completely untouched with no devices plugged in.

The last one was just sat on my desk next to me, and the only way I recognised it was because my defective cooling fan was making a grinding noise. The time before that, it was in my backpack in it’s case and was choking itself the whole night.

Win11, hybrid sleep disabled, USB-Ax2 USB-Cx2, nothing plugged into those.

As if the 22% battery i’m losing in 2 hours in sleep wasn’t bad enough, i’ve gotta check during sleep if it’s woken itself up and is trying to cook itself. :+1:t2:

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Oh man, I’ve had this problem with two consecutive Dell XPS13s. Been dealing with this since 2016! Hasn’t happened on the Framework yet, but this is definitely a longstanding Windows issue. I just don’t trust sleep anymore and shutdown before putting in my backpack. PITA.

I had hoped that this was finally addressed with Windows 11. Darn.

Does this happen when you’re not connected to the monitor?

Thanks for letting me know you’ve both experienced this before!

To answer your question, John, I haven’t experienced it when it’s not connected to the monitor, but I so rarely do that that I don’t think it’s a great data point. I mostly use it plugged into the monitor, am actively using it as a laptop, or have it stowed away.

I’ve also been turning it all the way off if I am using it as a laptop instead of plugged into the monitor (its power source).

11% an hour isn’t unexpected given the 5.5hrs with the screen on.

Hopefully you don’t have it waking due to some Wi-Fi input