Screen Randomly(?) Freezes / Stutters

Hello. It seems when the laptop gets hot the screen will stop responding for a few seconds at a time. Sometimes it flickers…sometimes it goes all black for a few seconds. If I use an external monitor it’s unaffected. Running arch linux with TLP, thermald, and cpufreq to try to keep temps lower.

Have you read this: Framework Laptop - ArchWiki ?

Thank you Jonathan. I am using wayland and gnome, I might consider turning off panel self refresh. I say consider because last time I turned off fractional scaling and it’s a lot better…or maybe it’s from kernel update I did last night.

No issues in 5.16.7 with plasma on X11, with and without Nvidia eGPU.

Wayland is 90% borked for me at this point, due to poor performance, scale all wrong, jumps back to previous frames randomly with and without eGPU present. As far as I can tell it’s a Wayland issue.

I’ve been getting this a lot lately since I upgraded from my 11th gen mb to 12th gen last year. I noticide it happening pretty much immediately, but since it’s random and infrequent I just lived with it. But it’s been doing it periodically ever since, across many kernel version updates (I run ubuntu mainline-ppa kernels). Whatever it is, it’s a an actual thing no some fluke.

I hadn’t considered it might be temperature. It happens when the machine is practically idle, and my laptop actually sits elevated on a stand at at 30-40 degree angle with all kinds of free airflow. But it is plugged in to a tb3 dock driving two external monitors plus the built in, which maybe that loads it? Only the built-in screen freezes. When the laptop screen is frozen, the rest of the machine including the two external monitors all continue working normally without even a momentary glitch right when the built in freezes or un-freezes.

It’s doing it right now and all sensors are showing only 35c to 50c. But maybe individual cores spike a little without me noticing and then went back down by the time I’m looking at them now. So I’ll start logging and watching out for that possibility.

I’m running xubuntu, which is X, no wayland.

I’m not sure if I had the same issue, but for me screen freezes/stutters on wayland was fixed by turning on HiDPI mode in the gnome settings.