Screen tearing with Linux

I’ve experienced a lot of screen tearing on my Framework laptop. I have the 17-1165G7 version, 64GB of RAM. For example, when one window is behind another one and I bring it to the foreground, different sections of it appear at a time, and it can take up to 1.5 seconds for the window to be intact. Also sometimes I get duplicates of the mouse cursor when I move the mouse around. I noticed that regardless of the distribution, it seems the screen tearing only happens when I use the GNOME desktop environment.

I’ve tested Manjaro, Fedora, Debian, Pop!_OS, all with GNOME. I’m currently running Linux Mint. I was using GNOME on Mint for a while, but the screen tearing became a bigger issue than it was worth, so I switched to Cinnamon.

Has anyone else run into this issue, or know of a fix for it?

Have your tried disabling PSR as a starting point? If not, search the threads, the topic is beaten at this point!

Perhaps wait a few days for the Fedora 35 full release or install the beta if you’re feeling up for it (it’s pretty much entirely stabilized at this point and will be a seamless transition to the full release on launch day).

I’ve been running the beta largely without issue on the same i7, with a quarter the ram and GNOME 41 has been as smooth as butter. No PSR fix, and I have an informal stress test that basically involves layering all of my use cases at once forcing up 94% memory utilization and Fedora 35 with GNOME 41 continues to be smooth as butter under those condition

Definitely, definitely no screen tearing with a 1.5 second delay to sort itself out.

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Have you encountered it at all with Cinnamon? From what I understand its an issue with X11 but I suppose Cinnamon might already have a work around enabled if you haven’t encountered tearing since switching.

Cinnamon works great, without screen tearing. I would have thought GNOME wouldn’t have the issue, because the version I was using had Wayland, not X11. Though I haven’t tried any beta or development versions of any distro, so maybe it’s just an issue with less recent versions of GNOME.

I’ve tried disabling PSR with i915.enable_psr=0 (and recreating GRUB’s configuration file and rebooting), and that doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m still seeing some weird screen tearing around right-click menus in both GTK3 and QT applications.


I’d just like to note that I did end up fixing this issue using advice from this thread:

Make sure you switch to Wayland at the login screen. X11 is known for screen tearing. Wayland fixes that fundamentally.

There is a feature that you might check, something to do with the refresh rate. Panel self-refresh: