Screen to mainboard cable

Is there a possibility Framework to offer in the future the 40 pin screen to mainboard cable separately in the marketplace? Or maybe someone can point from where one can get it?

Currently the cable can only be ordered with a screen attached and I don’t need another screen. :slight_smile:


You can probably get it from support.

Mine is not broken, I just need another one for experiments.

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It’s not something we have today, but certainly something we can think about if there is more interest in it. We’ve tried to avoid breaking down the modules into too many individual items on the Marketplace to reduce the amount of inventory we have to manage, especially of stuff that there is very low demand of.


I would also be okay if it can be obtained from somewhere else, of course, if the cable is not custom for Framework. I already bought one from AliExpress, but the mainboard connector turned out to be different. :slight_smile:

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Yes please offer the cable separately! It would be nice if you included details as to which lanes it supports, 1) higher resolutions 2) touch such that we can experiment with different screens. I’m reading lots of threads but very few have details enough to tell me what other screens it would support :frowning: Just a bunch of people asking and no real answers.


According to FW’s github, the connector is a IPEX 20879-040E. The pinouts for the display cable are here: Touchscreen? Or be able to swap in a touchscreen that fits - #26 by JPTiger


A cable, a cable, my kingdom for a donk…, um… cable. :slight_smile:

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Please offer the cable separately.

Would very much appreciate this as someone interested in taking a touch monitor and injecting the touch device signals into the mainboard display cable to create a Framework Touch.


Any news to that? Did someone find a supplier for custom cable assembly with that connector? It seems to be nothing on the market…