Screw Problem

Hey i can not grip the screw with the screwq driver anymore what could i do?
Thanks in advanced

Which screw is it? Did you apply too much force or use the wrong bit? The best option is to buy a screw-extracting pliers like Vampliers to remove it. Some people have tried supergluing bits to the stripped screw or using a rubber band but I haven’t found that to work.

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From the case, I applied too much force and now it doesn’t grip anymore. I will try these screw-vampliers. Thank you for your fast answer.

Make sure that when you use the tool, to apply a lot of clamping force so that it can grip onto the screw, When I tried it, I initially thought it wasn’t removing it but it did actually remove the screw. Also, on the marketplace, you can buy replacement screws.

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