So where is the Framework eBay?

Seems like there should be a portion of the website where we can sell our old framework parts and buy used or refurbished framework parts from other users.

Does this page exist?

There does not currently exist any such thing here. While I can’t say if there every will be, I would understand if Framework would want to avoid that here at least. There is a lot of abuse and drama that can happen through that, and it is best for a company to stay away from it.

However, selling components you are no longer using is a great way to keep them out of a landfill, and is something that aligns with Framework’s mission. (IMO)


right. i thought that was kinda the goal of the company when i bought one.

What are our current options for selling off our old framework parts and laptops?

i noticed there was a “refurbished” section on the product marketplace. where are these refurbs coming from? returns?

Well, r/frameworkmarket is an option I know

The long-term goal for the Marketplace is to offer a second-hand market like that, but Framework still needs to grow a bit before they can handle the logistics of that. The refurbs on the site currently are returns that Framework employees have made sure are functional.

As of now, r/frameworkmarket is an unofficial reseller space, you can search ebay for people selling parts, and sometimes people will make threads here (and possibly post offers on the discord? I don’t really use the discord much).

It’ll likely be a while before Framework can set up an official resale system, but it definitely does align with their core values!

lookin forward to it