Semi glossy display coating?

This is something i wish more laptops and monitors would have. Most laptops nowdays only have either matte or glossy coatings. Both have their up and downsides. For example glossy has high amount of reflection. A aggresive matte coatings on the other hand reduces image sharpness slightly and you have less vibrant colors because of the gray haze. Semi glossy is something in between both and could be great for high resolution models. If you want an example of an semi glossy coating look at your TV. Most TVs nowadays use semi glossy coatings instead of matte coatings.

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Interesting, if the quality of the screen protector is good than it could really be a good solution here. Downside might be the cost of the screen protector in some cases

There is a matte version of the screen without the mounting holes, 13.5" IPS LCD Screen Display Panel NE135FBM-N41 V8.0 100% sRGB 2256x1504 40pin | eBay. @nrp As this display is the exact same except the mounting holes why did framework choose the glossy one? Supply chain issues?

The photo certainly looks matte but the item specifics says “glossy or matte” and the description says “You receive a compatible model. We DO NOT promise any exact model, even it is in the title”

Yep, screen lottery!