Set of replacement keyboard keys with butterfly mechanisms

Recently, my child thought it is a good idea to bang something on the keyboard and that broke the butterfly mechanism of the R key on they keyboard. I am now looking for a replacement for this small and easily replaceable part but I cannot find anything on the framework website or elsewhere. It would be great if you could offer a set of replacement keys with butterfly mechanisms as a lose assortment on your parts website. Similar to how you offer sets of fasteners. I am sure I am not the only customer for whom the butterfly mechanism breaks (since it is fairly fragile) and it is a pity to have to replace the whole keyboard as a result.

Framework has never considered individual keys as replaceable parts. In early posts, they recommend not taking the keys off sat all.

There was a post about removing and replacing individual keys.

You would still need a source for the butterfly mechanism.

Good luck.


For other people with the same problem: After replacing my keyboard, I am salvaging my extra keyboard for the butterfly mechanism. You can purchase a mechanism on this ebay listing from me: Hinge Butterfly Clip Mechanism For Framework Laptop Keyboard | eBay