Should I upgrade to Win 11

I’m so happy to live without that dumpster fire… Them insisting on Edge this bad just feels like a meme to me, a bad one. I mean, they were even ignoring rules set in the enterprise and defaulted to Edge, which surely caused a lot of headaches around the globe.

Gosh it’s so nice if your OS actually respects you and your choices, wouldn’t want to miss that any day.

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That sounds unnerving. A US company treating US citizens the worst.


After years on exclusively Linux OS (Ubuntu, Manjaro, and Fedora) I am going to install Windows 11 Pro on my Framework 16. It will live on it’s own SSD and will run the programs that I absolutely need Windows for. The rest of the time, I’ll be on Fedora KDE with Ubuntu on a separate partition just in case.
Sometimes you just need a normie OS to do normie things on. Hopefully one day I will be able to use Linux for everything.

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Make sure to physically remove the SSD containing Manjaro Fedora Ubuntu before installing Windows to prevent Windows installation from messing with the EFI partition on that disk

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Honestly, every next version of windows is usually worse than the previous one. I personally have 2 machines. One with Arch Linux and second with Windows 2021 IoT enterprise LTSC and that’s truly the best Windows you can get.

That version is supported till 2032 and if I have to keep using windows, it will be LTSC.

So my recommendation is to either stay on 10 or go to Linux.


Let’s be real. Edge exists, so you can install a different web browser.

So I managed to get Windows 11 installed on my FW16 and since I was trying to get it to upgrade it was a pain in the ass. I basically had to do a new install. I’m honestly wondering if it was worth the hassle. I’d say if you don’t want to reinstall everything I’d just stick with 10. The TPM module doesn’t have drivers in Windows 10 so the upgrade software won’t recognize it. I haven’t noticed any benefit to the upgrade since I did it but I’ve only used it for a few hours since I got it upgraded. The only thing I can think of is no issues in device manager since everything has a driver now.

How small?

This unfortunately bugs certain items such as clock.
Honestly fuck Microsoft for this decision.

So what bugs do you have?

I don’t have windows now but when I had, the issue was the clock did not resize with the rest of the taskbar and was weirdly cropped. According to a quick google search, this issue with the reg hack stil

Still better than the massive taskbar but not ideal.

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Trying now. :slight_smile:
Was that all ?
Actually I’ll try tomorrow. Sleep soon here in the UK

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Just updated my Win11 to 22H2 oops! It’s fine but

23rd March 2024
There is currently no native method in Windows 11 to resize the Taskbar and in version 22H2 of Windows 11 they re-programmed the taskbar so that registry edit to TaskbarSi no longer works, because the taskbar does not read that registry key any more.

Really the only method now is to increase the Scale factor in Settings - System Display, but that setting will make everything on your screen bigger, not just the taskbar.

or smaller

So you can’t screw up the date/time any more :slight_smile: as you can only set overall display ratio.
On my 13" I use 175% and it’s fine

Tried 150% and 200% and all looks the same layout. Date and time are in two lines one above the other . . .

So it was “fixed”

I never noticed the problem anyway. :slight_smile:

With 22H2 looks the same as it did with 22H1 but as mentioned there is no regedit hacks etc. So it’s clock or no clock

This is how it looks for me with taskbar centred, (not showing full width of desktop).

Same here. Speaking of which, getting an install of Windows 10 is easy, but where is a good place to buy a product key for it? I didn’t see anywhere to do so on Microsoft’s website.

I ended up buying mine from Framwork. It was the same price as if I bought it from Microsoft. Figured if they get a cut of the sale I’d rather Framwork get it. Plus my card info is already there so much easier transaction.

Also, the Windows 10 and 11 keys are the same. So they can be used interchangeably.

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