[SOLVED] TPM 2.0 W10 to W11

I got the FW16 DIY 7series. I had a W10 key so I downloaded that, now I can’t update to W11 because I don’t have TPM 2.0 on my device. I would assume this would be part of the laptop already. I first installed LMint but keyboard/num pad not working right so switched to Windows now everything works but the windows update assistant doesn’t recognize a TPM 2.0 to upgrade to W11.

Correct, it doesn’t. There aren’t any drivers for the Pluton chip, which provides the TPM.

Not sure how you force an upgrade, or if it’s a full reinstall of 11 at this point.

You could try a fresh install of windows 11 as the 10 key will be activated against your microsoft account now and should install when you log in.

Windows 10/11 keys are the same thing so as long as its for the same version of Windows on 10 and 11 (for example 10 Pro and 11 Pro) it will work for either OS. I’m running 10 with an 11 key.

Yeah I ended up doing a fresh install of windows 11 through usb boot. Was able to install it that way.