[Solved, Magnets] Strange electrical behavior?

I have little desk space, so I frequently set my Framework laptop directly on top of my work machine, a 15" 2019 MacBook Pro.
I have already applied the double-sided tape, and ensured that the keyboard cable is mounted properly.

Intermittently, the keyboard disconnects (the lights go dark), the OS (Fedora) immediately hibernates without warning. The keyboard remains dark. I press the power switch, and nothing happens.
I shake the laptop. The keyboard springs back to life, I press the power button, and the OS resumes from hibernate.

This issue only happens when I have my laptop resting on top of the MacBook Pro. Neither device needs to be plugged in, but the MBP is always in sleep mode.
I can shake it all I want anywhere else, but if I even have a corner of the laptop touching the MBP, it can suddenly disconnect the keyboard and hibernate. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with actual electrical contact, because the bottom of the laptop has rubber feet.

What could possibly cause a problem like this?


I suspect this is due to magnets in the Mac case triggering the lid sensor.

Any strong enough magnet near the left edge of the laptop around the area between the caps lock and shift key triggers “screen closed” action.

Yeah, that was exactly it.
The sensor in the Framework is next to the ctrl key, and the magnet in the macbook is in nearly the same spot (slightly south), and shut each other off when they’re in contact. The macbook actually has tons of magnets in it (speakers etc), so it’s a veritable minefield.

Maybe the design can be improved with a steel core around the lid sensor, to redirect stray magnetic waves away.

So does the Framework Laptop… But not around the screen sensor :grin:

So, funny enough, I thought I had electrical issues as well because it kept randomly going to sleep but hadn’t I opened the laptop up yet. I have a neodymium magnet implanted in my left ring finger. After reading this thread, I think I know what’s going on - and I can shut down my laptop by waving my hand now :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m having the same issue, glad to see there’s an explanation now!

The sleep action was triggered by the AirPods case in my pocket, beneath the laptop. It would be great if future iterations of this sensor could be less sensitive to other magnet sources.

I’ve seen this happen with my Pixel Buds too. I’ve seen other models of other laptops do the same thing. Seems pretty common overall.