[SOLVED] Suspending via Magnet?

So I noticed something curios today. When sliding my headphone case by the left side of my laptop (AMD Ryzen™ 5 7640U) , it goes to suspend. I assume it is because of the magnet inside the case, but I did not test anything else.
It’s not an issue for me, but I am just curious if this also happens for others?

Though I doubt it is relevant, for completeness sake, I run Arch Linux on it.

Yeah, the lid sensor uses magnets and is located around the headphone jack area. There’s another thread where other users have reported it being triggered by things like headphones or earbuds (one user had it triggered by their keyboard).

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Oh, yeah that makes a lot of sense. Should have been able to explain that on my own.
Always thought the detection happen via the hinges for some reason…

Thanks a lot for the explanation.


Apple actually does it via Hinge Angle detectors, although it’s way more trouble than it’s worth because they need to be calibrated manually.

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My framework 13 inch 11th Gen has returned the favor and caused my daughter’s 2020 MacBook Air to hibernate due to the magnets.

Hers has also shut down my FW.

We no longer place either unit on top of the other!

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