SNACK: Sd cards, Notes, Appitizers, Cash, and Keepsakes. A Drawer Expansion Card

Got my snack drawers in! Things I’m planning on using them for:

  1. micro SD cards
  2. Yubikey 5 Nano (3.1mm thick should fit?)
  3. SIM cards when I travel internationally (whenever that starts happening again)

Tell me how they work out. I’m curious to hear about how they fare in the wild.

So far, a very nice, snug fit. At first, I was worried about how loose they were, but once installed in the laptop, the friction tolerances are perfect - they’d never slide open accidentally.

I also played a bit with different objects to see what would fit. Also, since I got purple and green drawers, I can mix and match and make HULK SNACK DRAWERS.


:rofl: First thing I thought of when I saw the SNACK drawers.


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You won’t like me when I’m hungry.



Are you able to make the SNACK drawer shaped like a larger version of the rubber feet at the bottom of the FW laptop?

Aesthetically it would compliment the existing design shapes and allow the trays to be slightly deeper and larger.

I attempted to do these on my iPhone with the primitive tools available.

They would have to fit so as not to interfere with the release buttons.

Let me know if this makes sense.


I think I could. I understand what you mean too! I don’t think that overhang would work because of the button, though.

I’m working on a double tall drawer now but will get to this extra snacks version afterwards. Thank you for the suggestion.

Aesthetically I thought it would look cool from the side view to have these giant feet underneath. Like football cleats.

Thanks for being receptive to my suggestions and your quick response.


Candy bar wrapper:


@XenoCow Is the filament you use food safe?

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Filament can be a few different materials one of which is PLA (Polylactic Acid).
PLA Filament is made from nature plants rich in starch like corn, beets and wheat. PLA Filament is both compostable and biodegradable.

For those visits to unfriendly countries, the snack drawer also fits a universal handcuff key! :wink:


I don’t use food grade filament. PLA, the plastic I use and was described by @Keith_J_Brett above, is not innately toxic. However, there may be some additives that aren’t great.

If you would like to request a food-grade plastic, it looks like my supplier has some in stock that could work. Just select “Other” on the item page when buying the drawer and then type in the box below the link to the particular color.

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For those of you waiting for a larger drawer go and check out the Tall SNACK Drawer!

Thanks again @Frosty!


As if my cat needed any MORE excuses to come paw all over my laptop and desk… but genius nonetheless, I can pop open a drawer and toss some snacks so they’ll go away!

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How many Yubikeys/Solokeys could you stack in one drawer?

What if instead of a drawer sliding inside the frame, you printed it as a solid “drawer” where the user could pull out the whole module? That might allow 1 SD card to fit (probably not two given the limited height, and worst case if the drawer wears out and doesn’t stay in over time, they can order a new one and possibly recycle the old one.

Consider it done. That shouldn’t take long to get to a presentable state. I’ll do my best to fit an SD card in.

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A fullsize SD card will not fit unless the expansion card extends a little bit from the side of the laptop, unfortunately. :frowning: