Tall SNACK Drawer: The Original SNACK Drawer's Big Brother

Edit October 5, 2021: I will not be selling these drawers until I sort out the locking issue. I thught I had fixed it, but later prints showed that my fix was not as robust as I would like. I apologize to those of you who had bought the digital files already, you may ask for a refund if you want. Thankfully nobody bought these drawers yet.

For the Original SNACK Drawer:
SNACK: Sd cards, Notes, Appitizers, Cash, and Keepsakes. A Drawer Expansion Card

Because of @Frosty’s suggestion, I designed a new SNACK drawer!

Need more room for snacks in your framework laptop? The Tall SNACK Drawer has you covered! With more than double the volume of the original SNACK drawer, you can fit more than twice the snacks (or more useful items like push pins or, vitamins). Comes in right slant, left slant, and flat variations.

Note: Due to the extra height that extends beyond the rear foot of the laptop, it is necessary to use two drawers to keep the laptop level on a level surface. It is highly recommended that you buy the set of both a right and left slanted drawer.

  • Printed Drawer: $4 +shipping (US & CA only)
    –Fits right into any of the expansion card slots on your Framework laptop!
    – Available in Black, Blue, Blue-Gray, Forest Green, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Dark Silver, White, or any other reasonably priced PLA that you can find (there will be a delay if I need to buy another color spool).
  • Model Files: .stl, .3mf (both model and prusa slicer project), and .f3z: $8
    – Buy both the Original and Tall SNACK Drawer files for $12 (-$4 from buying both separately!)



P.S. I didn’t have any cat food to take a picture of. You’ll just have to imagine it.


My cats would have loved the ham… (All passed away, though)

I hope they are getting to eat all the ham they want where ever they are now. :smile_cat::meat_on_bone:


This is just begging for the bottom to be a shallow triangle, so that it rests flat instead of being supported entirely on one corner. Have you considered making that change?

Yep. I’ve done more than consider it. It’s there in the design! The back edge is slightly higher than the front I made a set of shims of various angles and picked the angle that worked the best before incorporating it into the main model design. :wink:

You can even see the slant in the first image.


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Freaking sweet! Happy to have suggested it :slight_smile:

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It was a lot more work than I anticipated. Just stretching the original drawer around was not enough to get this working. There are all sorts of problems to solve once you start making expansion cards big. Even if nobody buys any of these, I learned quite a bit in the process.

Well, put in my 12 bucks to the STL files just to make it a little more worth it for your time regardless. Cool project!

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@XenoCow have you thought about generating the STL files via code so they can be parametric (input height of largest item to stash and it calculates the appropriate angles for you to keep the front of the laptop on the desk and could even give a 3rd/4th point of support by suggesting mid-sized drawers to go along with the big boys)?

Check out the video describing the how and why of a parametric keyboard here, https://github.com/adereth/dactyl-keyboard

Oh BTW, I also love this idea for the additional airflow it can provide under the laptop. I have had the “joy” (scorched lap) of having bottom vented laptops and when I’m away from home and the vented laptop stand that has a fan built in (but is too bulky to tuck into my bag) I use these little guys to prop up the laptop when working on a desk.


I’ve worked with OpenSCAD before and I understand the utility. I’m not sure that the time required to completely remake everything in code is worth the tiny amount of money I make from selling these drawers (For context, I’ve made $48 above cost, not including my time, since starting selling any drawers).

:wink: Stay tuned. I have an idea about exactly this that you might be interested in if I can get around to it.

I wonder would it be better to bevel the bottom corners of the drawer, or just make the bottom side round to make the drawers more angle-agnostic.

Something like this quick mockup in blender:

Hmmm. I think round would be the only way to go since any other angles besides the one I picked will have gaps in the meeting surface and we would want the gaps to look intentional. That being said, round surfaces don’t really match the mostly angular design of the laptop. I like the intention, though! I would want an angle-agnostic design too.

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Has science gone too far?


Oh, now I see. In the thumbnail it looks like there is a gap between the table and the bottom of the card; I had to view the full-sized image to see what’s going on.

I was thinking, however, of having the card profile be pentagonal. You’d only have half the contact area, but the card would be usable on either side.

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Mmm. I see what you mean. That would be a piece of cake to design. I’ll work on that.


This is the profile you were thinking of, right? I’ll print out a test version then update the sites so you can buy it and send the new model files to those that bought the full digital set if it works out. Thanks, @matthew3!

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Yes, that exactly :grinning:.

I printed a couple out and they work just as expected! However, as stated above in the top post edit, I am not happy with the locking and need to experiment a bit more. It could be that I’m pushing the expansion card’s use too far. :sweat_smile:

When the big one is online, I’m buying a few for sure.

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