So, unlike a desktop

you soldered the CPU to the motherboard like most any other laptop? :frowning:


@Jamison_E “the CPU is soldered since no modern mobile chips are available in a socketed format.” unless you’re talking about one or two gaming laptops that literally use desktop chips. But that’s not power efficient nor possible in a formfactor like Framework.

Atleast you’re able to actually change out the motherboard and upgrade it in the future. Which you can’t do on any other laptop


Jamison_Edmonds, do a little searching around here and you’ll find how this topic has been discussed numerous times and the reasoning for what is, is not only sound, but also, currently, the only way to make it possible. Framework’s success means this could change.


Of course they did. Nobody makes a laptop CPU in a socketed format - they are all Ball Grid Array (I.e. soldered)…

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I guess I should look at when Framework started? I just got a little carried away (excitement finding the site) with frustration for only 3 CPUs. :zzz:

It’s a little too expensive for me as a student but hope they grow from here… :v::grin:


The company was only founded in 2020 and they launched their first laptop this year. So yeah, they’re pretty early on still.
They’ve said they’ll be making more boards available. But I would say: don’t except them to make a board available that has a cpu slot instead of it being soldered… There’s also not much of a reason to want that really… takes up more space and is less efficient.

If you end up buying a framework laptop and decide to upgrade the board in a couple years or something. You can either sell that old board or even use it as a mini pc (the board works outside of the laptop on it’s own as well)

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All laptop cpus have been soldered for quite some time. Only a limited number boutique laptops have a desktop motherboard that has a socketed cpu. This is most definitely not a point deduction on Framework’s part, as it is out of their control.