[SOLVED] Chromebook memory upgrade

Is the chromebook version upgradeable to 32gb of ram?

in theory yes, but I cant see much use with it being locked to Chrome OS (there are ways to revert this, but is somewhat off limits for normal users)

Locked to Chrome OS? That’s okay I wouldn’t want to revert it.

I want a Chromebook with 32gb of ram that is capable of running Parallels for Chromebook . I want to run Windows Pro with Visual Studio development environment inside a VM on Chrome OS. For that I think I need and i7 or Ryzen 7 with 32Gb of RAM.

So really, the question is does Framework offer that configuration? I know HP does in the HP Dragonfly Elite.

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@Brian_Jones Framework only offers to ship a model with 8GB but yes you can install up to 64GB if you prefer. Also only the i5 model is available but the differences between the i5-1240P and the i7-1260P are minor. Cache, clocks and greater iGPU execution unit counts are the big ones off the top of my head. The clocks are the most minor of the 3. CPU core counts are identical.

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Thanks for the info.


yeah the i5 is plenty powerful; I’m only eyeing the i7 for the better graphics
But the price gap isn’t really making it justifiable.