[SOLVED] Color issues in Linux 6.9

Is someone experiencing something similar with Kernel 6.9? When compiling from source (using the config from 6.6.15 from Debian and otherwise setting defaults with make olddefconfig), I get a weird color issue: on USB power and on battery with performance mode activated from Gnome settings, everything looks fine, but when entering balanced - or worse, power saver - mode, everything kinda looks like the Gamma calibration is off or something like that. E.g. where I would see a light green background with white font in my webmailer (less than ideal combination, but usually still very well readable) the contrast seems to lessen within seconds of changing the power profile so the text becomes difficult to read and all in all, everything looks darker.

I’m on Debian Testing with gnome-shell 46.2 from experimental. This doesn’t happen with any older Kernel branches, but consistently happens with 6.9-6.9.3. The question is, where would be the best place to report this issue, so a fix can be upstreamed before Debian catches up to 6.9 and I can report it there - but also since it’s an upstream issue it’s questionable if it’s the right place.

I’ve taken some photos for showcasing, though it might be a bit difficult to judge from them:
Normal view with Performance mode:

With powersave mode:

This is ABM, it automatically adjusts contrast and brightness to save some power.

If you don’t like it there are multiple ways to disable it.

  • amdgpu.abmlevel=0 on kernel command line
  • Disable the amdgpu panel power action in power profiles daemon systemd unit.
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Thanks, I’ll try that out.

That worked, thanks.