[SOLVED] Error message trying to check out

"Your cart contains items that ship from different warehouses. At this time, we can only ship from one warehouse for each order placed. Please place a separate order for the other items."

Any idea? I have the performance model in my cart. Nothing else. I reached out to support 24 hours ago and no response yet, so I thought I would ask here too to see if anyone knows why it is seemingly not possible to buy a Framework laptop right now!

Hi @Ryan_O_Keven I checked our ticketing system and I don’t see your first request, only the one submitted this morning. If you didn’t receive an automated acknowledgement of receipt of the original request that means it was not received by us.

I see your order but it has a number of different items and something is configured incorrectly on our side. I’ll escalate this to our Marketplace team this morning and find out what might be returning that error for you.


Mary Joyce is who I emailed about it yesterday morning.

Ahh, you responded to another ticket thread related to Customs paperwork at 1:15pm PST yesterday, so not yet 24 hours. Mary Joyce is with our Logistics team, not our Support team. That ticket got rerouted for review last night and our team isn’t on shift until 1pm PST today. We’re closing out the old ticket and keeping comms on the new ticket you created this morning. We just discussed your order and ask that you try to complete your order again as we might have found something that was blocking order completion. Can you please check your cart and try again?

Ahhhh, sorry! I just deleted the cart and tried again and that fixed it! What a weird glitch. Thanks for your help!

Hi @Ryan_O_Keven,

We found the issue. The SSD you ordered was very low on stock from our laptop shipping location and the inventory location auto-shifted to our other warehouse. As we don’t currently support “split shipments” this changed the order from valid, to invalid. This is a system logic bug that we’ll need to resolve on our side and we’re really sorry for the confusion as the error messaging doesn’t tell you (or us for that matter in Support) what specific line item is causing the problem.

Thank you so much for your patience and we’ll work on getting this buttoned up.


Well, I just went to check out, and the error is back. Removing the laptop from my cart and readding it is not fixing it this time. Now what?

Finally checked out successfully. Had to add and remove it a few times, but it worked now.

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Great! Sorry for all the hassle. If you run into any issues, please let us know.