[SOLVED] External Monitor Wake Up Problems

Hello guys, Im on Fedora 37 and I connected an external monitor via USB-C. Im using it as the main display while the framework display is turned off.

Everything works great except when my framework goes to sleep and I wake it up, only the laptop display wakes up while the external display keeps sleeping.

The only thing that helps is removing the USB-C cable and plugging it back in. Then the external monitor wakes up and the laptop display turns off like it should.

Is there anything I can do to change this behavior, change some settings maybe or install something?

I generally recommend using DisplayPort or HDMI.

Sounds like you might be using an adapter that is connecting from your Framework (USB-C port) to the monitor as…USB-C?

I’m using the USB-C Upstream port of my external monitor which works like Thunderbolt and enables me to have only one cable connected to my laptop (power, image, data).

But I just found out what the problem was. Its my LG’s “Deep Sleep” Monitor option. So if anybody has the same problem with an LG monitor just turn off the Deep Sleep option.

Its still unknown to me why the monitor doesn’t wake up with the Deep Sleep on when other devices like my desktop PC don’t have that problem but that’s off-topic now.

Okay, glad you were able to drill this down. Deep and external displays can be hit and miss. Thanks!

Going to mark this as resolved.