Windows won't wake up external monitor via USB-C after sleep

Windows 11 22H2 on 13th gen Framework.

Having an issue with external monitor waking up after sleep. Surprised I didn’t find anything on “Search,” but here we are.

When I have an HDMI monitor plugged in through one of the USB-C expansion cards (via an eGPU), Windows will not wake up the monitor after sleep. (Not sure if it’s Sleep, Suspend, or Hibernate, but it’s usually only after I’ve left the PC on for a long while.) Nothing responds on the display and I typically have to manually hard reset the PC by holding down the power button.

I searched online and found that Windows has trouble waking up USB controllers after suspend and so the advice is to go into Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus controllers > Power Management and uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.”

I tried this, but there are like 20 different items under USB controller.
Screenshot 2023-09-29 121428

I tried disabling a few of them and it hasn’t done anything. Has anyone encountered this issue? Is there one of these devices that I should disable sleep? should I disable sleep on all of them?


Yep, I also have this issue. Only use it once a week and it’s not an end of the world for me but it sure gets annoying walking away for a while to come back, unplug, then re-plug the usb-c cable just to get the external monitor working again.

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