[SOLVED] Firefox immediately crashes

I have just received my Framework Laptop 13 DIY. I installed windows 11 on the SSD and installed the framework drivers. I then installed Firefox through the downloadable installer. I was then able to search the web, however after I closed Firefox for the first time each time I opened it it would immediately crash without saying why. Nothing was in the crash report file. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, same problem. I uninstalled it and downloaded it from the Microsoft store, same problem. I reinstalled Windows 11, same problem. The only things that were done were install the Framework Drivers, Update Windows, and Install Firefox. Chrome and Edge work, and Firefox works on Ubuntu. Any Ideas?

Firefox has a troubleshoot mode you could try. If that works, you can also submitting the crash logs at about:crashes and contact Firefox support.

There is also a section in the KB page about crashes you can use for finding a solution.

You can try to reinstall the framework driver package after windows update has been run. On my 13gen windows update decided to update some intel drivers which led to bluescreens. Maybe this will help with your problem too.

Reinstalled the drivers and had the same issues. 50% of the time I don’t see anything show up on screen when I click on Firefox, and the other 50% of the time I see a window show up and then disappear immediately. When I try to run Firefox in troubleshoot mode it has the same behavior but the window is a different shape, and when I try to run it in safe mode I can sometimes make out the prompt and buttons in the split second before it disappears. Only happens with Firefox.

Found the issue. My family had Microsoft content protection on. Because the content protection only works on edge, Microsoft has been blocking all other browsers, except for chrome. When trying to run another browser, I got no indication that this was the case, and the browser just closed. Turning it off and restarting the computer fixed the issue.

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