Just got a framework less then a week ago and now BSODing at random

just got a DIY 12th gen I5 240p version assembled with no problem and now it is crashing at random with the code WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR, have no idea why, code doesn’t really tell me much, anyone have any ideas why it is doing it, and how to fix it???

Thanks in advance

Hi! Welcome to the community! If this is a DIY edition, which was my impression from your post, can you answer these questions to help with the troubleshooting? If it was pre assembled please indicate that as well.

What version of Windows are you using (Windows 10 or Windows 11)?
Have you installed the appropriate driver bundle?

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Have you read much about it ?

You may have poor connections or faulty NMVe or RAM etc.

@Morpheus636 i have Windows 10 pro and yes i have installed the driver bundle

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@amoun i have read that it could basically be a failure in every major part of the laptop: CPU, RAM, SSD, etc. and i cant really tell if it is the SSD or Ram because i just doubled checked if it was seated properly and it was… it is a very broad error

Ok I would try reseating RAM and SSD then. Remove them and then reinstall.

@Morpheus636 ill give it a shot thanks, also could it be that i am in fact using windows 10 and not 11 since on the site where i got the drivers from, it specified the drivers were for Windows 11 and not 10

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Ah yes, I did not catch that. Windows 10 is not supported. You should be on 11 with the appropriate driver bundle. It should be a free upgrade.

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^ This. On 12th Gen Intel Core, only Windows 11 is officially supported. But to @Morpheus636’s point, reseating all the components (RAM, SSD) is a good first step. Many times, customers do not properly seat the SSD into the m.2 slot all of the way. All of the visible gold connections on the SSD should be covered by the connection port shroud on the mainboard.

Also, updating to Windows 11 via the free upgrade and then installing the Windows 11 Framework Driver Bundle for 12 Gen Intel Core would be a great next step to get you in line with official support.


@TheTwistgibber welp i have done exactly what yall have been saying and it just bluescreened again… i dont really know what else to do and i need a functioning laptop for school

right… i have upgraded to Windows 11, reseated both ram sticks and ssd, installed all the drivers for the laptop, and now i get a new bluescreen error, “Critical Process Died” which seems to correspond with driver issues which i have made sure to be updated and corrupted Windows files which i have also checked in CMD and were none of… any ideas?

The RAM and SSD that you are using: were they purchased with your DIY from Framework?

It is possible that the SSD but more likely the RAM is defective / not entirely compatible (provided you acquired it yourself, etc.).

@2disbetter yeah i bought them with the DIY from Framework

I believe you should be contacting Framework support for official help at this point. They will get you sorted for sure. :+1:


@Victor_Craciunica Did you make sure you installed the right set of drivers for Windows 11 on 12th Gen? The link is here: Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases (12th Gen Intel® Core™).

If you did, yes, contact Framework Support and we’ll get you sorted.

@TheTwistgibber yeah i did… i submitted a ticket to support last night

Thanks for trying

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Try the latest drivers directly from Intel’s website instead of the Framework drivers. Also, check for firmware updates for your SSD.

@Victor_Craciunica did you solve your issue with the support team?

@Michael_Siebert Nope since I have started this post I have been going back and forth with support trying to fix the problem and to this day I still haven’t fixed it.

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Darn. I’ve got an 11th gen, trying the same. The crash happens on Windows, Linux, whatever, randomly, the fan going 100%, because the CPU seems to generate heat.

RAM is fine, and the replacement SSD I got also does not seem to fix it.

Does that sound like “your” issue, too?