[SOLVED] Framework past warranty hinge

Hi ,on my framework the hinge keeps tripping me up . Mine is from the May 2021 batch that I bought from second hand because of the wait times. I recently messaged customer service them they said it was outside of the warranty timeline so I am going to have buy the replacement hinge . I understand that I bought second hand but since it’s manufacturing issue I thought they would take care of it .Any advice ???

The warranty is non-transferable. The warranty was void as soon as it was sold to you. Even then, the warranty was for 1 year, so it would be outside the warranty period even now. I’d say buy a new hinge set. Alternatively, if you want to pay the shipping and like $5, I’ll send you a replacement hinge set (it won’t have a warranty either). I just got a 12th gen and purchased stronger hinges to replace the stock one. So I have a spare hinge set actually, I don’t want it nor need it.


How much would be shipping ?

I assume you live in the US? Whatever the postal service charges, idk. Shoot me a PM if you want. I’ll likely put the hinges in an envelope and send it first class, unless you want to pay for tracking with priority mail.

Thanks man, but I’m probably pass as I have to buy the screw driver too ,so it’s easier to order both from framework

Sure thing. Let me know if you change your mind. At least ordering the new hinges means you’ll get a new 1-year warranty on the hinges. I can say that the 4kg hinges are :pinched_fingers: and well worth it over the stock 3.3kg. I honestly wish they were stock and not an add-on. I think the only reason why Framework won’t fix it for you is really because it is a part that can and will wear out over time. If it were the motherboard or something like that it would be different.

Anyone tried a fix for the hinges once removed.

  • Sqeeze it in a vice
  • A bang on the ends to burr
  • Drill a small hole and add a nylon screw
  • Add a drying oil, like linseed that will be a bit like glue, over time.

That’s my ideas after warranty if it becomes a problem :slight_smile:

I have to wonder whether it would make sense to have a forum topic keeping track of people who would be happy to send others hinges for the cost of shipping. I also have a 3.3kg set of hinges, which work reasonably well and were probably on the high side of the tolerance, that I have no use for, having replaced them with the 4kg hinges (which were probably on the low side of the tolerance, unfortunately, and so not much of a change). (For that matter, there are also probably people like me who would be happy to send out non-CNC top covers, but those seem less likely to be a part people would need.)


You can create a topic or two

OFFERS of 3.Kg Hinges

OFFERS of pressed alloy top covers

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On the Fairphone forum there is a Dedictaed [Wanted] and [Offers] category, but there the site isn’t run by Fairphone and so they have no liability.

Here it is not an option, so really the best that can be done is for the individual that wants to create a new post.

If each time the OP starts with [Wanted] or [Offer] it will be easy to search even though there will be no category. That way Framework is not responsible.