Replacement hinges wore out

A few months ago I contacted Support about weak hinges on my FrameWork. They were kind enough to send me a replacement set, and after I installed them, they were perfect. Unfortunately this did not last, and in about 1.5 months of normal daily use, I was back to where I started, the new hinges are now just as weak as the originals were, the lcd falls flat any time I pick the machine up.

Any advise? If I request a replacement again, will those be better? Was there design revised in the last month or two? Is the 4KG set holding up any better?

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How would anyone know ??
I’m pretty sure there was no design revision as the 4Kg is an optional buy.

If you read the forum more from what I have read the 4Kg are doing what they were designed for. To give a stiffer hinge in that the screen is less likely to fall if picked up quickly but then it may not be possible to open with one hand.

If you still have the old hinges try to modify them.

I don’t really understand your question. I’d suspect that the FrameWork team would know about a design change, since they are in direct contact with their supplier.

Since they do accepted that there were problems with hinges and instituted a “no questions asked” policy around their replacement, I would expect that they also asked their supplier to do better. If indeed there was a design revision, my replacements may have preceded the running change.

My problem is not with the initial behavior of the set. As I said, After replacement they worked absolutely perfect. My problem is that they seem to have wore out, and I’m not talking about a slight change. The difference is very noticeable.

Could you please clarify? modify in what manner?

If the Framework team were to provide different hinges other than the ones advertised I think they would have mentioned it on the main site, this is just a user forum that Framework dally with.

For more info you can read other topics, wherein you will find maybe support for your queries.

I’ll leave the modifcation ideas to your reading or thinking but if you know anyone good with a hammer, drill or vice etc. you may try various ways to influence the grip between the parts.

The original hinges never promised holding the screen in place when the computer is in motion, there was an issue with some hinges where they did not hold the screen up even when the computer was sitting on a table, and replacement hinges will fix that issue.

I don’t have the 4kg hinges, but there have been many reports on the forum that they are much more sturdy than the 3.3kg hinges.

I’d agree that you might want to reach back out to support. If you can provide them with real world examples of what you are experiencing, they can hopefully determine if you somehow got a second faulty hinge kit, or if you’re just looking for stronger hinges than the original set can provide, in which case they can recommend you get a 4kg hinge kit.

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Thanks for the info @Azure! Yeah, mine falls flat also when doing the 155 degree test that was the original replacement criteria before the “no questions asked” policy was instituted.
I did not mention this because I don’t care about it, I don’t think it’s a realistic scenario. However I care about it not flattening out any time it’s picked up or put down.

I’ll take your advise and I’ll reach back out to FW support to the issue!

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What makes matter a bit worse is the resonance behaviour (stored energy into a spring-like system), when compound / combined with motion, it could just be enough to tip it over the 3.3 kg nominal hinge criteria.