[SOLVED] Framework Troubleshooting really slow and frustrating

So I needed a laptop really quick and urgently so I bought all the necessary parts on my own to create a 13 inch i7 1260p 32 gb ram config. Every part was shipped really quickly since I got the expedited shipping and I was able to complete the build the same day. Thought I was going to be able to use the laptop immediately for my work since it requires me to move around but ran into a huge issue.

Battery not detected / no battery present error came up. I could still use the laptop but it had to be connected to AC power at all times. This meant: no moving around unless I was on a plug, shutting down the computer and restarting it every time I had to move, and etc… Very very unusable for my job.

So I contacted support same day after receiving the laptop. At first it was alright, but now it is day 4 after receiving all the parts and I am unable to use my laptop as it was meant to be used and have no good solutions. They told me to send them a bunch of pictures of everything which I did, and I tried the mainboard reset (removing battery and motherboard battery for 15 minutes), device manager enable and disable and reboot, bios battery remove setting, sfc scannow, DISM scan and repair, and all the other repairs they had under the sun. Still no progress.
I was really looking forward to using this laptop because of the repairability, customization, and the premise it was created on (as I learned on LTT), but now it is very very frustrating as I paid for expedited shipping and yet have none of the benefits of paying for that service, and they have been refusing to just listen to me and shipping new parts out to me and letting me shipping the faulty ones back to them.

TLDR: someone please help me with my 2k brick that I paid extra to have it shipped to me faster but is not working because the battery is broken or the mainboard is unable to receive a battery…

Edit: also they sent me a usb C cable that has the core exposed which I also have sent them pics of

Edit2: they ended up RMA-ing the battery since there were issues with it

Welcome to the forum, though not at such a good moment it seems.

Ok what doesn’t make sense is that you say you have faulty parts and Framework will not replace them.

  • How do you know they are faulty as I’m sure if Framework said they are they would instigate an RMA and send you replacements.

  • You have 30 days to return the laptop with no questions asked, so why not do that if you are frustrated with support.

No one here can help and I would imagine Framework said be careful with the battery connection.

The DIY sounds attractive but I opted for a pre-built to avoid such issues

The reason why I say they are faulty is mainly because I know it is not a software issue nor a damage issue since during the installation of the parts I made sure not to damage anything. There was no physical damage on the product on arrival nor is there right now, and I have done all the proper software installations that are necessary to get started. ( I have had experience in building about 4 desktops at this point in time so I am modestly confident about my abilities). I have been to the utmost of ability careful with the battery connection, and here is a pic of the port in great condition.

Since I needed it quick and there are no options to buy a laptop in DIY or prebuilt currently, I bought all the parts of the laptop individually. I would like to return the parts that I think are at fault right now, but that means I ate the shipping costs that I paid for in the first place and I am really tight on budget.

I’m just here to try to escalate the issue so that hopefully someone from framework sees this and hops on this ASAP…

People take advantage if they can. This is why there needs to be a troubleshooting process before they will accept a warranty or defect claim. Read this
PSA: Warranty Claims and Framework Support

While Framework staff sometimes posts here, note that this is mainly a community forum.

Two things come to mind:

  1. “Trust me bruh”…doesn’t really work.
  2. Ideally, there should be a process where they charge you up front for the replacement part and shipping cost. Get that out to you. Then ‘they’ do the troubleshooting on the part you shipped back at a later date. But Framework isn’t at that scale where they have sufficient resource for such a process. …then refund you base on their findings. The current process that you’re experiencing still protects both parties…at the expense of time to resolution.

Just to add: If you want “fastest time to issue resolution”, warranty options from commercial lines of laptop offering should have been a consideration. You’ve been somewhat blindsided by the repairability aspect of Framework (and that’s understandable).

A lot of the time, people think they know what they want…but don’t really know what they want. Example: A piece of A4-sized paper…is not just a piece of paper. There’s thickness, weight, colour (the usual parameters), but there’s also how well it can absorb different type of ink (printer, rollerball, fountain pen), how the ink will feather and bleed, how ‘crisp’ the paper is, the surface texture, how the paper will age under different humidity / temperature / exposure to sunlight…etc. At least now, you know what’s important to you when things go south.

…and to Amoun’s point, now knowing your “can’t wait” criteria and preference with Framework, together with other forum threads of “Do your own QC”…I would have opt for a purchase of 3-4 units together. Open the first box and do an installation…if things not going smooth, open the next box, move on. Find that working unit, and return the rest.

Definitely abusing that 30-day return period though. But at the same time, there’s been some DOA mainboard cases (according to the forum, so take that with a pinch of salt).

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@Second_Coming ty for the suggestions, they ended up rma’ing it since there were issues with the battery.

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