[SOLVED] Framwork Support suspicious questioning


It is a bit of an odd one but I am trying to be careful and highlight the behaviour of one of the support agents that is raising certain red flags for me. To be honest I am 99% sure that everything is in order but better safe than sorry. I am using this forum simply as an alternative way of contacting Framework Support other than the “email us” button.

I contacted support as I had placed a pre-ordered for Framework 13 laptop paying $100 deposit. It is showing in my account all fine, status is: Pre-Oder Confirmed, but when I click on the “View Order” button I am greeted with the " We’re sorry, but something went wrong" page.

Now what raises my concern is that the agent has asked me to confirm details about the payment method I have used including card type, issuer, bank name, screenshot showing that my account has been debited (it is), and in the last email asking for my address, while through all through this time providing zero information about my original query. This sort of question with no information about my order is warning me about the possibility of some sort of fishing attack, hence my wish to validate the agent.

I think the agent’s name is Isa. I would like someone from Framework to assure me that I am ok to provide the requested payment details to this agent again.

Kind regards

I’m not Framework support, but based on what I know of support requests like these dealing with orders and payments, there’s no more information being asked for than someone would usually provide. In fact, in your list, they didn’t even ask you to confirm any card information such as its number, the CVV code, expiration date, or any other information that could be used against you. Unless your screen shot is going to have your card number and other information in it, you should be able to send them a screen shot of the debited transaction and provide them with the other information they asked for without any concern. This is only my opinion, though.

There are other alternatives to contact Framework support, this community post probably isn’t a very good one, though sometimes Framework support does look here. They do have a phone number you can call, which can be viewed on the contact page of the Framework website. This may or may not get you in contact with someone who could address your concerns.

Good luck.

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Framework does not provide phone support. If anyone answers that number at all (it may just be voicemail), they will direct you to the official support methods.

thanks for that information, that’s good to know.

@Patryk_Socha I looked up your ticket, the verbiage used is SOP:

Could you please verify the shipping address that you used, when you placed the order for documentation?

This is standard not only for us, but previous companies I’ve worked for as it is important we:

  • Know we’re speaking to the correct person. Not someone who is routing this elsewhere.

  • Folks move and fail to mention this, this was a common occurrence at my previous employer and created massive headaches.

So yes, this all checks out.

The last email support sent was:

We have found an order number, and we need your shipping address for verification.

You are already talking to Framework via email support.


Amazing, Thank you.