[SOLVED] FW16 keyboard LEDs


I have noticed that the FW16 keyboard LEDs use about 3W of power when on.
When it is daytime, I don’t need the LED lights.
The FW16 has an ambient light sensor, that it can be configured to auto-adjust the screen brightness.
I would like the ambient light sensor to auto-adjust the LED lights, thus saving 3W of battery during the day.
Has anyone managed to achieve this?
I guess what I would need was:

  1. Way to read ambient light sensor
  2. Way to read current LED brightness setting. (so I can restore it when it gets dark)
  3. Way to set the LED brightness from a script, or daemon.
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If you don’t mind rolling your own solution, I found this for reading the ambient light sensor:

and these threads with regards to the LED backlight:

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Hi. I could not get anything to work with regards to the keyboard backlight.
So, I am still looking to find a way to adjust the keyboard backlight from the command line.

Framework’s qmk_hid tool provides a way to set the backlight by command line, and also get the current level github.com/FrameworkComputer/qmk_hid. For the FWL16.

I saw this thread when it was posted, but I think I failed to see that the links which were posted in response were for the FWL13 backlight.

Thank you:
FW16 Ambient Light sensor:
cat /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device0/in_illuminance_raw
FW16 Keyboard backlight read:
sudo ./qmk_hid via --backlight
FW16 Keyboard backlight off:
sudo ./qmk_hid via --backlight 0
FW16 Keyboard backlight on
sudo ./qmk_hid via --backlight 100