[SOLVED] How can I perform a right click drag with the trackpad?

  • Linux 6.1.19-1
  • Manjaro stable
  • GNOME 43.2
  • X11
  • Framework laptop 12th generation


I recently bought a Framework laptop and was wondering how do one perform a right click drag? On my previous laptop (Macbook Pro mid 2012) with the same OS/kernel version, I just had to do a 2-finger click and then drag, but it registers as a left click drag on the Framework.


[edit] This is an issue only with 2-finger right click. Using the right click button works.

This is probably useful.

In general, you should also specify the application you’re using and perform a quick google search before. :+1:

I’m using Kicad. I’m not trying to modify the behavior of a right click drag, I just want to do a right click drag. In Kicad you use a right lick drag to pan the view and a left click drag to draw a selection box.

So the question is: Does the hardware/firmware of the Framework’s trackpad allow such input? If yes, then how?

I’m sorry, I never used Kicad.

Maybe ask their support channels?

This is not Framework related and I am not sure how many people here can help you.

It does allow it, but the implementation depends on the OS, it’s libraries/frameworks and application.

Another person on Reddit seems to have the same issue on Windows.

Are you 100% sure that you can do a right click drag on your laptop using the trackpad? I had no issue with my previous laptop having the same OS/kernel/Kicad version.

Also, I can confirm that it works when using the right click on the bottom right of the trackpad, but not with two finger right click. That’s not a huge issue, but I was wondering if it could be fixed.

Ah, I get it now.

He is asking if he is rightclicking by a 2 finger touch and then drags & drops his selection, that registers as a left click drop and not a right click drop.

It doesn’t seem supported: RFE: Please support tap-and-drag for right and middle buttons (#1) · Issues · libinput / libinput · GitLab

Yes exactly!

However, your linked issue doesn’t seem related, because I’m using X11 and not Wayland. I’ll add this info to the initial message. Also, I had no issues on my previous laptop with the same installation.

libinput can both used with Xorg and with Wayland.

In fact, I’m using it on Void Linux running Xorg right now:

$ xinput list-props 11
Device 'PIXA3854:00 093A:0274 Touchpad':
        Device Enabled (178):   1
        Coordinate Transformation Matrix (180): 1.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000,
0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000
        Device Accel Profile (304):     1
        Device Accel Constant Deceleration (305):       2.500000
        Device Accel Adaptive Deceleration (306):       1.000000
        Device Accel Velocity Scaling (307):    12.500000
        Synaptics Edges (330):  53, 1284, 47, 829
        Synaptics Finger (331): 25, 30, 0
        Synaptics Tap Time (332):       180
        Synaptics Tap Move (333):       70
        Synaptics Tap Durations (334):  180, 180, 100
        Synaptics ClickPad (335):       1
        Synaptics Middle Button Timeout (336):  0
        Synaptics Two-Finger Pressure (337):    282
        Synaptics Two-Finger Width (338):       7
        Synaptics Scrolling Distance (339):     31, 31
        Synaptics Edge Scrolling (340): 0, 0, 0
        Synaptics Two-Finger Scrolling (341):   1, 0
        Synaptics Move Speed (342):     1.000000, 1.750000, 0.125156, 0.000000
        Synaptics Off (343):    0
        Synaptics Locked Drags (344):   0
        Synaptics Locked Drags Timeout (345):   5000
        Synaptics Tap Action (346):     0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
        Synaptics Click Action (347):   1, 1, 1
        Synaptics Circular Scrolling (348):     0
        Synaptics Circular Scrolling Distance (349):    0.100000
        Synaptics Circular Scrolling Trigger (350):     0
        Synaptics Circular Pad (351):   0
        Synaptics Palm Detection (352): 0
        Synaptics Palm Dimensions (353):        10, 200
        Synaptics Coasting Speed (354): 20.000000, 50.000000
        Synaptics Pressure Motion (355):        30, 160
        Synaptics Pressure Motion Factor (356): 1.000000, 1.000000
        Synaptics Grab Event Device (357):      0
        Synaptics Gestures (358):       1
        Synaptics Capabilities (359):   1, 0, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0
        Synaptics Pad Resolution (360): 12, 12
        Synaptics Area (361):   0, 0, 0, 0
        Synaptics Soft Button Areas (362):      668, 0, 718, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
        Synaptics Noise Cancellation (363):     7, 7
        Device Product ID (297):        2362, 628
        Device Node (296):      "/dev/input/event15"

I am not running Gnome on Manjaro however. I guess it would be good to run

xinput list and xinput list-props 11 afterwards (replace with your ID) to get clearance.
(If you see Synpatics somewhere, you’re using synpatics. Else you use libinput)

I think that I figured it out!

On my old laptop there was only 1 button on the trackpad (that covered the whole area) so to do a right click drag you would have to do a click with 2 fingers and drag. However, on the Framework laptop there is 2 buttons, so to do a right click drag you have to press the bottom right corner (2nd button) and drag.

So everything is normal, I was just confused!

That said, it would be great if there was a way to use the two finger right click drag behavior, because I find it easier to begin the drag from the center of the trackpad.

I’m using libinput indeed.

Found it!

In Gnome Tweaks > Keyboard & Mouse > Mouse Click Emulation, choose Fingers.

The one button / two buttons trackpad is handled by software, nothing related to Framework. On the previous laptop, I must have modified this setting a long time ago without remembering.

When you understand the issue it’s easier to fix it!

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your help!