[SOLVED] Is there supposed to be an IC here?

Been having issues with my 12th Gen intel I7 no vPro Framework that I got 6 months back. I’m already in contact with customer support so I wont detail them here. During my troubleshooting I noticed this. This there supposed to be a component where this silkscreen is??? Or is it just something that belongs on a different version of this board. I’m sure I will get my answer from customer support but I’m so damn curious I want to know ASAP haha.

It appears to be a non-populated socket for a flexible ribbon cable. Check out similar markings on the rear top right of the board labeled JECDB and JSWDB!

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Most likely a connector (“J” is a designator for connectors), probably for a debug probe. It was most likely populated on pre-production mainboards to ensure proper function but is no longer necessary on the final production board.