[SOLVED] Laptop waking from sleep in backpack

Hi, FW16 Guild 21 owner here, so I am using my FW16 (no dGPU) for about two weeks and I am really happy with it. There is one major issue however:
I usually put my laptop to sleep (Suspend-to-RAM) and put it into my backpack (padded compartment closest to the should straps, display facing away from my back). Twice, I felt my back getting warmer and warmer and when I unpacked the laptop it was ON. Once it was almost too hot to touch and the display bezel stood away from the screen on the lower edge (it snapped back in after cooling a bit). I was seriously worried about permanent damage but up to now everything seems normal. The SSD reports having exceeded the warning temp (82°C) twice but not the critical temp (85°C). However, the battery might not have liked that at all.

I am using Gentoo Linux (so I assume no official support for software issues) but I am not sure what exactly causes the behaviour. When the laptop is powered off, it does not turn on in the backpack, so I assume the power button is not accidentially pressed when in the backpack. When I put the system to sleep and leave it on a table, it also does not turn on over night. Thus, I would rule out a software issue.

The thing remaining is the lid switch. Do we have information about how that works? On my ThinkPad T470p, it is a hall sensor on the edge farest away from the hinges. And that never woke up from sleep in my backpack. I am sure the switch generally works since when the system is on and I close and re-open the lid, the kernel messages show “[ 2284.909486] elogind-daemon[2968]: Lid closed. [ 2300.536190] elogind-daemon[2968]: Lid opened.”.

Did anyone else ever experience this issue? Might the be an individual-device quality issue? Any tips on what I could do to improve the situation? Maybe sling some rubber band or clamps around the laptop so it stays firmly shut?

Thanks :slight_smile:

There are a few things to do.

You can use a USB meter to measure the wattage goes into the laptop in suspend, if the laptop is charged the power from the usb is the power consumption of the laptop. If the wattage is high the sleep is bad

You can also set suspend upon inactivity, thus even the laptop wakes up in your backpack it’ll suspend after a few minutes

See [TRACKING] Framework AMD Ryzen 7040 Series lid wakeup behavior feedback - #75 by betalars

There are some issues with the EC firmware where even though the lid is closed it still responds to keyboard/trackpad events. These could be triggered say via flexing of the screen in a backpack and can press on the input devices, causing a wakeup event.


I still did not manage to disable the trackpad, but disabling the keyboard waking seems to be good enough to stop the waking up in the wild.

Squeezing the trackpad, witch can happen while grabbing the device, will still trigger a wake-up. So try to grab it by the hind.

I have managed to disable waking from:

  1. keyboard
  2. touchpad
  3. lid open.
    I wake it with the power button.

The answers are on the [tracking] link above


Thanks for all the great tips and support. I will be trying disabling certain wake-up sources to see which of them (keyboard/numpad, touchpad, lid) causes the issue.

I think I can set this one to [SOLVED]. I disabled the following wakeup sources: keyboard, numpad, touchpad, lid. So waking up is only possible via the power button. I didn’t put the FW16 into a backpack often since then but when I did, it stayed asleep. Thanks all.
I will also put some info into [TRACKING] Framework AMD Ryzen 7040 Series lid wakeup behavior feedback


Do you happen to still have the steps you used to do this?
The thread over there is a bit of a mess with several different approaches and nobody is clearly marking if it’s for FW13 or FW16, which I imagine has very different device identifiers etc.