[SOLVED] Loud rattle when typing, clicking trackpad, or tapping chassis

Got a new Framework 13 AMD the other week, and since I put it together, something hasn’t been quite right: There is a pretty bad rattle coming from… somewhere when I type, click, or even just tap my fingers on the palmrest. I have taken it apart and put it back together again three or four times now, but nothing I do or try makes a difference. I noticed there are pegs on the keyboard deck that seem to align with slots in the main chassis, so I tried pressing those in to see if that would help, but either I didn’t press hard enough to get them to slot in, or that’s not the problem. The rattle seems to be coming from somewhere in the center of the machine. Attached is a video.

At the beginning, I pick it up and set it down one corner at a time, and the rattle is audible. That’s the noise to listen for. I know several people who own Frameworks, and their laptops don’t make that sound, so I don’t think this is normal.

Anyone have ideas for eliminating this noise? It’s kinda driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance!

Could you indicate at what timestamp in the video the rattle is happening?

It happens all throughout the video. You can hear it particularly bad when I tap the machine at 0:15, 0:16, 0:19, and 0:20.

It feels as if something is like… reverberating(?) whenever I touch the machine. It feels absolutely awful to type on because you can feel it through a keypress.

It doesn’t seem bad to me, but perhaps you are feeling it more than hearing it (and thus it wouldn’t be picked up as strongly on the microphone).

Anyway, what I’d do personally is use non-conductive tape such as kaptan tape or vinyl electrical tape to tape down loose things on the inside of the top input cover (just under the keyboard). Consult with Framework support before doing this, though, in case it might void the warranty. Also, be aware that the tape might be strong enough to pull or break parts when removed. If that is a possible problem, I’d used purple or blue 3M painters tape.

You might be able to locate and limit the reverberations by using tape on things that look loose/problematic. You might also end up shimming some gap with the tape.

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Hahaha, I fixed it. You’re never gonna guess what it was:

It was my NVMe drive!

When I was reading the guide I saw a warning label about not over-tightening the screw, and by god did I not over-tighten it. Scary to think that it’s basically been bouncing around in there for the last week. I’m probably lucky it still works :joy:

Keyboard feels as it should now. I’m coming from a Thinkpad, so I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the trackpad (Trackpoint deck when!?) but the click certainly feels better. I knew it was gonna be something foolish like that :woman_facepalming:



Very glad you found it before it could do some damage.

Yeah, I used to be an IBM-certified Thinkpad repairman back before they were sold to Lenovo, so I know what you mean about getting used to their awesome keyboards and Trackpoints. Those were and probably will always be the best laptop keyboards ever made.

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