Rattling / Buzzing in left speaker

So does any one else have pretty extreme rattling / buzzing coming from the left speaker at any reasonable? Reading around on the internet some people have had this issue and have solved it by “reseating” the speaker, but the seating itself looks fine to me. Others have been told to loosen the left bottom screw, which seems a little… hacky.

The one thing that looks notably different is the top rubber grommet, which unlike the others seems to have popped out / not be compressed down as much. It looks like in theory this is supposed to be held down and tight by a small metal overhang, but it’s loose and so this doesn’t work.

Album link, first picture is what a “good” grommet looks like, second is the one I think is the problem:

The left speaker also feels noticeably looser than the right one, but it’s hard to show in pictures / video.

I’m probably going to try getting some cloth and cutting that to size and covering the entire top of the speaker to see if that helps, but I’m wondering if anyone else has had this and solved it?


Yes, I have the same and have been wondering if there’s a solution! Here’s a video showcasing the problem: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/FIYUDfIbuUM

I do have the same issue it appears. It was interesting hearing additional rattle with the rattle sound of your rattle rattling through my rattly speakers.

Yep, I have this same problem, and it felt like it started just last week. I did notice the grommet was loose on mine, too. It feels like there’s got to be a low cost fix for this kind of thing.

OK so I think I’ve fixed this? You can unscrew it (I am not your warranty) while it’s running, which is good to experimenting. Kermode’s voice is, I find, really good at debugging this stuff. Any of his reviews, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_IQl8JXOBY.

For me how tight you tighten the screw near the speaker definitely mattered: tighter and it gets worse. However, there was no amount of tightness that didn’t have problems.

What looks to have worked for me—where worked meant Kermode at 100% volume to a quality that didn’t make me want to hurl my ears out a window—was putting a little buffer of cloth on top of the speaker. This was just thin black cloth we had lying around, and I folded a couple of times.This appears to hold the metal of the keyboard top away from whatever it’s vibrating against.

It still doesn’t sound amazing or anything, but that can be fixed with Easy Effects probably, if you can afford the wattage.

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Thanks for the update. I’ll give a similar a fix a try at some point and report back.

I don’t think it’s a case of a loose grommet or anything for me at this point. I’m fairly convinced that my left speaker has essentially already “blown out”. I can’t get my right speaker to mimic the same problem no matter if I press down on it or whatever, and no amount of padding or dampening on the left speaker seems to fix the issue. It’s a good thing the speakers are easily replaceable! I’ll see if I can get one sent to me under my warranty.

If it happens even when you have the keyboard lifted then it’s doubtful it’s the same one I experienced. Does it even happen if you lift the entire speaker out so you’re the only thing touching it?

Same problem as well, has subsided somewhat after applying some electrical tape.

Noticed the same problem on my AMD 13, alleviated somewhat with painter’s tape and tightening the screws on that side.

What I’ll add is that I rarely notice this in music, if at all. It’s almost entirely in spoken word content above 50% volume, e.g. YouTube. I’m no audio guru, but it’s probably related to the specific frequencies in those kind of midrange mics. Not sure if anyone else has different experience. It also seems exacerbated by certain contexts and positions (on a couch it’s way worse than on a desk).

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