Trackpad rattle

got my new laptop. i only have one issue. the track pad even when touching very lightly the bottom side rattles. its as if the assembly is loose or missing springs.

has anyone had this issue?

This sounds like a hardware issue. Could you contact Support for a replacement Input Cover?

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I believe that I’m running into this issue as well. I’ve contacted support.

Other than this, the laptop has been flawless so far. Contacting support is oddly something I’m excited about given how good of experiences everyone has had with it.


I think I have a similar issue at hand; the trackpad bottom rattles, but only when the laptop is on a hard and even surface. Since I mostly use it in bed these days I didn’t notice this before. It might have something to do with the bottom left corner of the trackpad sitting about 1mm lower than the rest, indicating a misalignment. On the one hand I’m hesitant to bother support with it when their answer is probably “reinstall your input cover”, on the other hand I’d like to make sure it’s documented that the issue wasn’t caused by me doing that…

edit: contacted support just to be sure

I am having the same issue. Could you guys get the problem resolved? If yes, what was the solution? Or is a little rattling just normal?

I’m not sure if this is an issue with my touchpad, or just the way it is - does anyone else find the touchpad really ‘rattle-y’?

At first I thought it was Macbook-esque ‘force touch’ haptic feedback that was too biased towards the bottom, but no it’s just physically shaking (too much freedom pre-click) when I tap to click.

It’s pretty annoying, makes tap to click barely worth it since it still feels & sounds like it’s clicking. (It requires less force than actually clicking of course, but it baffles me that anyone does that!)

I tap lightly; it only doesn’t happen if I tap (lightly) on the top quarter. On the bottom, where it actually has the click mechanism if you wanted to use it, it’s extremely pronounced.

I had a couple of rattley episodes in the first couple of days, almost like a spring pinging and rattling when I clicked… I haven’t noticed it recently and I’m just hoping the problem has fixed itself…

@OJFord could you contact support: Framework | Support


@nrp Sure, will do - just wanted to check if it was expected behaviour.

(Also I did try to search for any existing threads about it… apparently I did a terrible job of that and now I see Discourse has found and linked a couple. :man_facepalming:. Sorry for the noise.)

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