[SOLVED] Max wattage for charging

Hello - I apologize in advance if this is a simple question, but I wanted to ask and learn so I don’t potentially mess up my laptop battery.
I have a 13 with the 12th gen Intel board. I know the power adapter that came with it is 60 watt. However, I want to buy an Anker or UGREEN charger block that can handle multiple devices at once. One model I was looking at offers one port that delivers 140 watts. The others are less, and the lowest powered port does 20 watts. Ultimately my question is, will using a charge port that offers more than 60 watts ruin anything? Or would a charge port that does more than 60 watts just charge it at 60?
Thanks in advance :pray:

The FW13 can be changed with use up to 100W (20V5A). (The actual charing power is limited at capacity/hour, but the whole system can take use of up to 100W)
In general a PD charger can provide less than their maximum specified output. To be sure you can check what Voltages/Ampere are supposed on each port, but I would be surprised if the chargers wouldn’t provide the full 100W to the FW.

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So if I were to plug into the 140W port, it would theoretically deliver that full amount and possibly mess something up?
The particular charger I was referencing also has 2 100W ports, so I could just use them. I was just curious, I just wanted to check before plugging anything at all into it lol. Thank you for the info :slight_smile:

No. It wouldn’t mess anything up. Most probably you would get 100W. Both devices (charger, FW13, and cable) will negotiate the highest wattage all parts support.
PD will take care nothing gets damaged and you get the best possible Wattage.


Gotcha - really appreciate the info, thank you :grin::+1:

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If I recall correctly, the Framework 13’s battery only charges at a max of 60 watts. If you plug in a 100 watt charger, the processor can use that additional headroom but the battery itself won’t charge any faster.

Here’s a link to a previous thread: Is charging at 100W safe for the battery? - #3 by Callan


thank you for that info :slight_smile:

Slight nitpick, but Framework has said that all their batteries charge at a max C-rate of 1, which means that the maximum charge speed in watts is equal to the battery capacity in watt-hours.

So the 55 Wh battery charges at a max of 55 watts and the 61 Wh battery charges at a max of 61 watts.


Thanks for the input guys, labeling this as SOLVED.