[SOLVED] Monitor not detected after wake from sleep

System specs:

  • Framework Laptop 12th gen August batch
  • Windows 11 Pro fresh install


Laptop is connected to external monitor with USB-C (charging + video)

When laptop goes to sleep, and wakes up later - it no longer detects the external screen, unless I unplug and plug in back the cable.

Charging still works fine.

Any thoughts?

Hi and welcome.

Thoughts yes.
a) you give no indication on the monitor
b) if you are using a USB C port have you tried all four positions?
c) have you read any similar topics and posts and not found help there?

More than 50 topics


a) Lenovo P27-h10
b) Yes, all 4 affected
c) I have tried different search keywords and read a bunch of topics - none of them seems to be about this exact issue.


  • Ask Windows to enter “Sleep”
  • Move your mouse to wake the laptop
  • Log in
  • Windows 11 DOES see the external display, but monitor shows “no signal” - until I physically reconnect the cable. And in Windows display settings I see the message: “Display is not active” - even though I have “extend” turned on.

You got me thinking about troubleshooting monitor instead of the laptop / Windows itself.

SOLVED: turns out “DP daisy chain” option in the monitor has to be turned on, for some reason…