[SOLVED] New battery weight?

I would like to know how many grams heavier the new 61Wh battery is compared to the 55Wh one to help me decide what cost/availability/feature tradeoffs I want to make for my purchase.

Nobody can tell you. It isn’t released yet. It should be the same since it is just new chemistry. Alternatively, you could message support.

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An understandable question but I doubt there is any difference, the battery is the same size and we are not talking about lead here. :slight_smile:

So if it is heavier I doubt it would be noticeable.

The 55Wh is £20 cheaper and on offer but I imagine it’s the end of the line for them.


It’s surprising they don’t have that information on the Marketplace, but it’s possible they will add it once the part becomes available. It does disappoint me once again to see that specs like these are not on the Framework Laptop page either. Like @GhostLegion said though, you should be able to contact support to ask about the weight of the battery. It should be fairly similar to the 55Wh, but chemistry changes could also mean density changes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a little bit heavier.


thanks @Azure. I’m new here and didn’t realize that this would be something I should contact support about instead of posting here since I thought they would respond here but anyways I followed your suggestion and just got a response:

"Our 55Wh and 61Wh battery comes with the same weight of 217.3g.

Here is the link ​for the 51Wh battery specification (under additional information). You can click this link ​ for more details regarding our new 61Wh battery."

So I now I just need to decide if I want to hold out for a matte display or not or get a computer sooner.