[SOLVED] New Framework 16 DP & HDMI modules not working


Getting my FW 16 (Ryzen 9, 7700s) up and running initially with windows 11 pro. When i plug a monitor in using USB-C (thunderbolt) the display is detected but when i try and use the DP adapter or the HDMI adapters the display is not detected.

Any thoughts on why ?


Are you plugging in the DP adapter into one of the supported ports?

You guessed it I’m not. I looked up the doc’s after posting (duh)… I thought I was good as 1,2 = 4,5 but it’s no So.

I moved it from slot 5 to slot 4 and it works as documented.

However, now I moved my Ethernet card to slot 5 and it doesn’t work so I guess that needs either slot 3 or slot 1,2 . Not documented anywhere as I can see will try that combination and see where it gets me.

Being a lefty I wanted to use USB-A on left in slot 3. Power in slot 1, Ethernet in slot 4, HDMI or DP in slot 5.

Other than the KB Article Expansion Card Slot functionality on Framework Laptop 16

Is there anywhere where the slot requirements of each of the modules is documented. I don’t see any additional info on the market place for that, that might be a useful thing to know.

Does anything work in slot 5? I would think that the ethernet card would just be a USB 3.x device.

the module is flashing in slot 5 but its not recognized by windows

It might be a driver not installed issue. Does it show in device manager?

It was working before, will check

You Nailed it thanks, looks like the module wasn’t seated correctly as windows had shut it down “device error” hot plugged it out and in and it’s all good.

I know you solved your issue, but for the Googlers: I had to install the AMD driver package from AMD, not from framework, to get them to work. Also increased performance by a lot.


I did do the Framework driver install prior to all these issues and I had a working system and the framework version did seem to run fine.

I’d like to see the KB Article “Expansion Card Slot functionality on Framework Laptop 16” printed out and included with the laptop. Have it part of the setup guide, etc.


I think it should also be embedded somewhere on the preorder page.

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I was thinking about to laser engrave the information to the chassis, but I understand why FW didn’t, as future mainboard upgrades may allow different possibilities.

I think when I get mine I’m going to make labels for the ports. Maybe Framework could sell a sticker pack.


I have a label printer that can print clear backed labels. When I get mine I’m going to put a label next to each port on the underside of the laptop… At least until I get used to what port does what.

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Yes, that would be really handy! Great idea!