[SOLVED] No wifi support on new Framework 13

I am setting up the new Framework AMD 13 which by all accounts doesn’t have Windows drivers for the wifi. So I followed the instructions sent to me to deal with this (using Rufus to setup an installer on a thumb drive) but during the Windows setup I get to the Network screen where it is looking for a wifi and the wifi button is greyed out so I am assuming that this driver workaround didn’t work.

Any advice on what to do next would be appreciated.

You can skip the network settings during installation.

Ok did that but now how do I connect to a network if the drivers aren’t supported in the shipped bios? There is no option for Wifi connectivity in the Network and Internet settings of Windows.

You are expected to download the driver pack with the driver for the wifi card onto a USB flash drive then run it on the laptop.

Excellent thank you, both. All done.