[Solved] Shipping to Austria

With shipping now happening to Germany - when can we expect shipments to start in the rest of the EU, especially Austria? I’m aware I don’t know what goes into extending shipping here, but I’m having a hard time imagining more differences than tax and shipping costs (which customers could handle) between Germany and Austria. We’re both in the same trade agreements and share a border, we both get our Amazon packages (just as an example) from Rotterdam :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not trying to be complainy, I’m just hoping to be able to actually purchase a new laptop soon-ish, and I don’t want to do that via a German re-shipping service because of warranty complications.

Side note: Are there plans to launch the Framework Marketplace in Europe too?

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On the Framework Marketplace question, see here: Marketplace EU - #4 by nrp

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Austria: today


It’s happeniiing :tada:
Now the question is: does anyone have performance comparisons between the different skews?

TLDR i5 and i7 are largely similar, i7 gets you a bit of an iGPU performance boost, virtually no difference in performance between the two i7s

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