Split Keyboard

Given the modular keyboard setup, I think a really phenomenal addition would be a keyboard in two halves. You could have them separated with the inserts or even stick the num pad in the middle


If Framework can make single-key modules available then I think we will definitely at least see DIY split keyboards. Hopefully someone will offer them for sale even. I believe there is a demand.


The design that has been shown doesn’t support split keyboards. The framework laptop doesn’t have enough connection points in the middle, or they will be used by the touchpad.

You’ll be only able to use a keyboard sized module plus either two thin ones or one numpad sized one.

The only other possibility is maybe a single oversized module spanning the whole laptop width. Such a module could of course contain a split keyboard with numpad in the middle.

Hopefully the production design will add the missing connector in the middle. Unless I’m missing something I don’t see a reason to leave it out.

A simple split layout where a regular keyboard is cut in half so we can move the keypad module to the middle would awesome :slight_smile: They could also be shown to the system as two independent keyboards themselves, so for example gamers can remove one of the halves and put a big trackpad or a space for a mouse for movements.