Starting over with my 12th gen to see if I can make this work

So I’ve had my 12th gen laptop since September of last year. I put windows 11 on it. I have been unable to sleep or hibernate consistently. The failure modes are:

1: It will either stay on and burn up in my backpack and go to 0% power.
2: It will sleep or hibernate but then wake up by resetting when I try to wake it up.

It can sleep or hibernate successfully about half the time. I’ve done the memory tests and just about every other test this forum and other places on the internet suggest (boot with all non-microsoft services disabled, no startup apps, etc…) No change. I even swapped the motherboard. No change.

Anyhow, my previous laptop was a Huawei with Windows 10 running all the same software that worked flawlessly back then.

I have a new SSD coming in the mail today. My plan is to put the old SSD aside so I can copy from it as needed and install Windows fresh on the new SSD and then install the framework megapack of drivers.

Does anyone know if I should install Windows 10 instead of 11? I hear 11 may have messed with suspend and hibernate and it might not even be the laptop’s fault. Any other suggestions to maximize my chance of getting this laptop to work would be welcome. Thanks!

I have a 11th Gen supplied with Win 10 updated to Win 11 no such issues. Ensure you have the correct drivers, Win 10 and 11 are different.

Windows 10 isn’t supported on Intel 12th gen processors full due to the BIG.little architecture.

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Use Windows 11. You can run Windows 10 theoretically, but it won’t work well and you can expect various problems. I think a fresh windows install on a fresh SSD is probably your best shot. The only other idea I have is to remove all expansion ports that aren’t USB-C.