Still waiting for my confirmation?

I have just seen on Twitter that ‘Everyone in Batch 1 should have received the first email that says we’re preparing your order.’ I have not and I have not received a response from Support for two days.

Would someone at Framework please have the courtesy to reply to me. This does not bode well for Framework’s customer service.

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Oh no! I’m so bummed to hear that you haven’t received anything yet. I figured when I got mine, you’d get one, too. Let’s hope that @nrp can shed some light on things.

@N.P I do hope so! It’s strange after they have always responded so quickly in the past. I even sent @nrp a PM yesterday and have had no response. They also don’t have a phone number, or even an address, on the website and none on WHOIS. Even just an ‘I am investigating’ would help. And if they have made some mistake with my order (and I don’t know whether they have or not), the sign of a good company is to acknowledge it and then try to make it right - not just try to ignore it.

The only other thing to note, which you probably have noticed yourself, is the ENORMOUS influx of new users to this community, essentially since the LTT video hit YouTube. I imagine that they’re having a curve of stupendous proportions to their previously stable system. It is possible, or even likely, that your order has a problem, but you’re getting lost in the noise. Not that that makes it any better. :neutral_face:


Just as an update, I have now had a reply from Support saying that my order ‘is getting ready for shipment’ and that I should still be getting my preshipping email when it is ready. I have to assume that their tweet was premature. Maybe I’m the only one left!

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If it’s any consolation, you’re definitely not the only one left! I know at least one other Batch 1 person still waiting for the pre-ship email.

And hopefully they are a lot more patient than I! As I said in my reply to Support, ‘I was thrilled to see LTT’s review and the response you received as a result. I think I just wish that had happened a couple of days later after you had completed dealing with the July orders.’

And now I have the preshipping email !!! @fishstik I hope your other Batch 1 person is getting theirs now as well.


I got an email saying they couldn’t charge my payment method, but I see no charge or rejection on my card. I added another card even though there is no reason the other wouldn’t work and have been trying to reach someone all week but haven’t been able to by email or chat. I preordered in May.

@James_Blackstone Support have responded to me very quickly over the last half hour. Maybe try again?

Thanks for the reply! I sent an email 10 minutes ago like I have everyday this week. I also replied to emails from previous talks with support, no luck. I checked the chat just now again and it says “We’re sorry we are not available at this time.” They used to be super responsive.

Glad to see you got your email finally. I do think that the Framework team have been inundated, and I hope they are getting a handle on things.


Thanks for your patience @James_Blackstone and @njf. As @N.P noted, we’re getting roughly 100x the inbound support requests at the moment compared to previous weeks. We’re working through them as quickly as we can, and promise we will respond to every emails. We won’t be able to keep the <1 hour response times we have during normal weeks for this week though unfortunately!


Support reached out and my order is confirmed! Thanks

That’s very good news! I was eventually told by Support that my card would be charged today and the laptop shipped tomorrow. To be safe, I phoned my bank to pre-authorize the payment so that it wouldn’t be blocked by some automated fraud protection. No charge on my card yet.