[SOLVED] Order processing times/support response times (nowadays)

Just general question about order processing times nowadays, how long can it take from charging my card to sending off the order (FWK13AMD). I would like to see it asap, but that probably will take time.

Second question, while reaching to support via email should I expect hours or days?

Just to set my expectations :wink:

Waiting currently more than a week for an answer (I messaged support on June 4th). So definitely days, if not a week or two.

hope this helps


@Destroya Is there a way to check when the order will be sent? Today is the 5th day, and order status is still Confirmed/Order Placed…

I’m asking as F5 on my current laptop is getting clunky :wink:

There isn’t a way to check however, if you’ve been charged, you should receive your tracking number along with a shipping notification in a few days. Other than that, if this is for a Framework 16 pre-order, the batch prep has a time range of when you can expect it to be shipped out.

My card was charged on the same day I made the order, and it was 08/06. This is FWK13AMD so it should not be sent in a batch.

Current timeline is within 5 business days so you should receive a notification shortly.

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I see that it’s shipped now, sorry for the delay!

Hi, I have more or less the same situation. I’ve ordered my FW13AMD on 13/06, and still no update about the shipment. I know that today is the fourth laboral day, but I would like to know what is the estimated time required from shipment to arrival. I’m moving house, and if it doesn’t arrive by next Wednesday, I’ll have to change my address. Thanks! @Destroya

So in my case, it took over a week (6 working day) to ship. I expected it to be sent from the Netherlands or Germany as I’m in the Europe, my bad. It was sent fresh from Taiwan, I hope that they made extra effort to put latest firmware and hw revisions :wink:

When it comes to shipping, It was sent on 17 June and FedEx estimates that it will arrive on 20th of June, and this is to The Netherlands. Your times may be different base on from where they send and where are you.

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Already shipped, thanks!

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Hi, does the Framework support even read support request email and messages? I sent a request regarding an order several days ago and nothing. Not even a courtesy acknowledgement that they recieved it. Just a total ignore…

I paid for Expedited shipping that cost more than the item itself and now it is 12 days and still have not received it. So did I just thow away my money for the Expedited service or will Framework refund me for the Expedited service fee?

Just a bit disappointed with the customer service experience, I expected a much better experience that would match their machines… someone needs to add some more RAM to the customer service process.

Are you using a custom email provider and have you ensured that @frame.work and @framework.kustomerapp.com have been whitelisted?

Is there a list of supported email providers?
Can you share?

There isn’t really a list but we often recommend people to email support from a major email provider (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail. Yahoo). In the past, we’ve had a number of people not receive replies from support because they were using a self-hosted email service or custom ones which had some configuration issues.

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Hotmail used. Also sent message directly from support page filling in the form and submitting still being ignored, and no common courtesy to atleast acknowledged the request…I understand if they need to sit on it for a day or two because of the “unusually high volume” ploy but atleast acknowledge the request like a professional organization would. Bare minimum we got your request via email and/or directly via form submission we will get to it when we can… nothing just a total ignore! Ridiculous!

Just to confirm, you didn’t receive the autoreply? Can you please DM your order number and I will escalate it internally.

We have a bit of a backlog and our responses are delayed, sorry about this. but I see that it’s out for delivery.

Thank you. I understand but a quick acknowledgement takes 3 seconds. My question is about the Expedited 2nd day delivery fee do i get refund for that or a store credit? 12 days almost since I placed the order paying more than the item itself for the FedEx 2nd day and 12 days later…

Thank you! Appreciate your help. I Sent you a DM with history/Summary and order details.