Storage expansion card speed change?

The 1st gen 250GB expansion has 375MB/s and 1TB expansion has 1000MB/s write speed. Now both has 800MB/s write speed. What has changed?

They addressed this recently on a twitter post:

TLDR: New chip increased speeds on the 250GB and similar sustained speeds on the 1TB


2nd Gen Storage Expansion Cards should be able to host the OS. If you have any issues, please contact our support team so we can investigate:

It’s official now, hosting OS

Actually, these are DRAM-less for size, power and cost reasons, and also because USB 3.2 is a bottleneck for performance, which makes DRAM not that useful in this scenario

The 10Gbits/s is which USB3.2, USB3.2Gen2 aka USB3.1?