Student at OIT in need of datasets

Hello framework team!
I am a student at Oregon Institute of technology. Me and my team will be putting together a presentation on this laptop, and we would love it if you were able to supply us with some datasets, if you have them available. We are looking for data sets or similar below.

  • Marketing datasets
  • manufacturing cost datasets

thank you!!

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Hi Chase, sorry, but we don’t have any public information we can share about those areas.

Okay, thank you. is there any datasets in regards to the framework laptop that you would have the ability to supply?

@chase_moody As a startup they are obviously not in a position to make that kind of information public. You can probably get a sense for some of it by looking at Nirav’s very detailed cost analysis blog post at Calculating the Full Cost of a Hardware Product.
PS When I saw OIT I though “Oh, somebody local?” The Ontario Institute of Technology is near Toronto. :smile: