Suggestion: Braille on the keyboard

I’ve seen this suggestion floating around in other places, but here seems like a good place to float it - you know how keyboards have those little raised lines on just two keys to help orient your hands when touch typing?

Think of how much more useful it’d be if it was full braille on all the keys! You’d be able to learn braille, and use the keyboard without looking easier (in the dark or because of touchtyping). Win/win.


And does the has some of these?

BOTH, have a keyboard with Braille and letters. Even though I’m fully sighted that’s the option I would choose

You could maybe sell 3-d printed keycaps or stickers with braille, but given how niche this is of an application (especially with the prevalence of competent modern speech-to-text and text-to-speech interfaces) probably less suitable for mass manufacture, since you’d have to offset astronomical tooling costs for a full custom keyboard with unique molds for each and every letter now, rather than just unique print on a normal flat keycap which is used dozens of times on a single keyboard.

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Problem with a braille keyboard is each key would require it’s own plastic mold which would make it considerably more expensive to produce

Besides, the F&J indexes is already made to locate where each key is without looking, it requires some training but so would braille.


I’ve tried using a braille label maker (Reizen) and sticking a subset onto a normal keyboard. I don’t know braille but I do like the extra hint of a subset of keys beyond just f and j, like p, l, s, c, i and t, if only to make it slightly easier to find a few frequent starting positions (ls -al, ps -waux).