Suggestions on carry bag or sleeve

What are folks using for storing/organizing their expansion cards? I want something that can store 6 of them in one pouch/case similar to how the Nintendo switch cases tend to come with the little red cases in them that can store four games, but larger and preferably made with a hard-ish exterior and soft interior.


Well, in my understanding ‘dust-repellent’ in this context doesnt mean dust particles are actively pushed away. It describes that an antistatic surface, which cant be charged up easily f ex by friction, simply wont attract those particles as much. Thats it.

There’s a short thread on this. Here’s my entry, covering my use of a Think Tank card wallet:


I came across the Crumpler Geek Deluxe, and it seems great.

However, it says the laptop compartment is 31.3 x 22.2 x 1.5 cm.
The Framework specs say: 29.7 x 22.9 x 1.6 cm.

It appears it won’t fit, but then the product page also says:

Inside dimensions: 34.5 x 23.5 x 2.5 cm

Anyone happen to have tried this one? Or any experience with Crumpler measurements that may help?

In case anyone is still looking, I ordered the Crumpler Geek Deluxe I mentioned above. Fits almost perfectly:

There is some space to the sides, but height wise it’s just right.


Thanks for the link! My Byrd&Belle felt case arrived today. The Framework’s a bit snug, but the case is felt, so I steamed and stretched it a bit, and I expect it will loosen more over time.

I use the case as a bit of added protection in my backpack or shoulder bag, so I need it slim. This will be perfect!


This is so awesome!
Now we just need a framework bowcaster to go along with it.

I opted for this. I prefer tight fit. Nice pockets on outside. Not so thriled about handles but works great for me.

I found a nicely made leather sleeve for mine on Etsy. If you order, make sure you note that it is for a Framework laptop. He adjusts his pattern to accommodate.

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For anyone in France, I got this one which has exactly the right size. Bought it in a FNAC shop.

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A bespoke sleeve for Framework laptops has been available since Sep 2022 on Amazon UK (black, navy blue). I’ve just ordered one to keep my 11th Gen DIY safe under the sideboard - I purchased this as a support resource for my 12th Gen (not DIY) which has just arrived and will take over from my 2006-vintage Dell Inspiron 1300 sometime in 2023. Framework has ticked so many boxes for me - and ended years of procrastination! Worth the wait, and happy to splash some cash after 16 years.

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I have the sleeve Steve mentioned above. Highly recommended

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I picked up this Timbuk2 13" Utility Laptop Sleeve. Excellent fit and the removable strap makes it a minimal wearable case.


As other have suggested above. I just got my Framework, and I wanted something minimal. I went with, AmazonSmile: tomtoc Laptop Shoulder Bag for 14-inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro/Max A2442 2021, 13.5-14.4 Surface Laptop Studio/5/4/3, Surface Book 3/2/1, 360 Protective Case Fit Asus VivoBook/ZenBook 14, Accessory Bag : Electronics. I can carry the framework charger, extra expansion cards, and other stuff. It also fits the computer with the Ethernet card in place.

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I just ordered the Cushcase through their website. Will update everyone when it shows up.

As far as a case, I have an ancient Targus (from 1995, with spots for floppies and a PC card) I’ve been using to hold it, in the spirit of recycling. :smiley:


I’ll have to dig out my Hyper 4K dock, it could be converted to a bowcaster with a little imagination and some MacGyver-y. HyperDrive 4K Multi-Display Docking Station For 13”-16” MacBook Pro –

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Very happy with the Cushcase sleeve (see my previous post) - but be warned you won’t be able to close it with an Ethernet expansion card installed! (Not a problem for me.)

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I’m pretty happy with this case by TYTX

Excellent case for my new Framework laptop. Easily holds laptop, Microsoft Arc mouse, cables, charger, iPad and Glasses case. Can’t speak to water resistance but works great as travel case.


My Cushcase laptop sleeve arrived today. I ordered one in black, they also come in grey. There s also a variant that comes in oiled canvas with colored trim.

The fit is close indeed. Perfect, in fact…

The canvas sleeve doesn’t feel bulky in the hand, the velcro provides a secure seal to the flap, and it still fits in my old Targus case, sleeve and all. Only drawback, there’s no pockets on these sleeves. Besides that, I highly recommend this case. A little over $30 with shipping to the US, came in seven days…