Support of AMD Smart Access Graphics?

Hello, I was wondering whether Framework 16 suuports AMD Smart Access Graphics when RX 7700S module is installed.

This is the article from ASUS website: [Gaming NB] AMD Smart Access Graphics Introduction | Official Support | ASUS Global
However, it seems that it is an AMD technology.

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Given a lot of brands in 2022 shipped AMD Advantage laptops but only one (HP on their Omen 16 AMD Advantage Edition) actually shipped with Smart Access Graphics, I doubt the Framework Laptop 16 will have Smart Acess Graphics, especially when Lenovo’s premium AMD Advantage laptops from 2022 did not get it.

As for the Framework Laptop 16, it has been confirmed to have a MUX switch though, so it will be possible to reroute the internal screen to the dGPU via a toggle in the UEFI. So you while you will be able to bypass the iGPU, it will likely require a reboot.

Asus TUF A16 which is AMD Advantage running the same CPU/GPU combo as the FW16 has Smart Access Graphics.