What AMD Smart Technologies does the Framework 16 support?

In AMD website, the Framework 16 is listed as an AMD Advantage Premium laptop, but how much smart technologies does the Framework 16 actually support?
Here the list of ‘Smart Technologies’ AMD has:

The last two links are for specifications AMD Advantage and AMD Advantage Premium that the laptop has to meet for certification retrospectively.


How can that be? The second links says

AMD Ryzen™ 5000 series or greater CPU

7000 > 5000

:man_facepalming: somehow I was looking at the second number. It’s too late today.


Unfortunately for me, it uses SmartAccess Graphics. I can’t confirm the others. But according to this video it supports most of them. https://youtu.be/L9Ww_7wwNkM?t=144

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Why is it unfortunate for you, isn’t it just a benefit?

Because if it didn’t support AMD SmartAccess Graphics, there would probably still be a MUX toggle in the BIOS. But that feature is important to me. For most people, it’s probably a good thing that it does support SmartAccess Graphics.

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Ah okay, that makes sense!

I haven’t had a laptop with a dGPU yet, really looking forward to all the power on the go. It seems like this laptop will be about as good as my old 1080TI, which is nice.

Is it possible to switch the MUX from software (as in some CLI tool in Linux)?

In linux it works as a MUXless laptop. So you can run individual applications on the dGPU but the output from the dGPU still goes through the iGPU to the monitor.
I’d prefer if this thread stay on original topic so if you have any suggestions or questions about MUX maybe it would be better to post there.